Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Magic

To celebrate spring we made oatmeal pancakes with fresh strawberries and yummy orange juice

Is it me or is there something utterly amazing about the season known as Spring? Everything is louder and unbound by the chill of winter, as the birds, wildlife and flowers come out of their winter hideaways, so do we. The layers of clothes and socks come off and if you're anything like me, wild horses could not keep you from wanting to be outside soaking up the rays from that glorious yellow ball in the sky.

I've spent the past year in South Dakota where our summers are hot but our winters are bitterly cold. You haven't had cold weather until you step outside on a winters day, take a deep breath and... your nose hairs freeze! Luckily last month we moved to a climate I am a little more familiar with. Arizona sure bought spring early to me this year.

Honestly, I cant expect my Aussie friends to relate too much. I spent the majority of my life living in a 365 day perpetual summer in Brisbane, Queensland. The summers were hot, humid and most likely spent by the beach or pool. The winters were cooler, a little less humid and most likely spent by the beach or pool, no joke! Although I loved and will continue to always love a Brisbane winter, the air is clear and crisp, the sky is always the bluest of blues and I would be at my absolute happiest riding a bike or visiting friends with a light cardigan and a pair of jeans. A change of season there wasn't a date or an event as such, it was a feeling. It would hit me like a bolt of lightning and I would know that winter had arrived.
How many Aussies out there have visited a country during the change of a season? I would love to know how much you loved it.

Moving to the Mid West gave me, for the first time, real SEASONS. Would you believe it people, they actually exist! Honestly they are the greatest display of nature I am ever come to see, from literally the dead of winter (and I mean dead, just a wash of white and grey as far the eye can see), to a miniscule green bud on a lonely branch which with time would become a symphony of yellow and green over every tree imaginable. The grass is so vibrant it's breathtaking, the flowers are making their debut for the first time and literally if you blink you will miss their grand entrance. It seems like whilst you sleep, nature is Spring bombing your back yard. Have you actually stopped to appreciate this show? If you can't answer, yes to my question, may I suggest you stop. Stop your busy life, stop writing that Tweet, stop downloading your latest hashtag ridden photograph to Instagram. I know the minute I hit publish, my shoes are on and I'm going to soak in some of Mother Natures half time show.

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