Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ahhh yes, introductions

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Kez.
I was born in Middle Earth itself (AKA New Zealand), my parents, having inherited some strain of gypsy unknown to the rest of the family history, moved myself and my younger brother to the sunburnt country across the pond (AKA Australia or 'Straya for you true blue Aussies) at a young age.

Ahhh, you see a pattern forming already, don't you?

Having restless gypsies for parents meant, we never stayed in a home for more than 5 years (that was a lifetime in our family) and we got to enjoy the splendor of the Queensland public educational system in many different classrooms. We were never shy about making new friends, usually it was as simple as asking someone you just met if you could sit with them in their "hangout" spot for lunch on your first day. There you have it, instant besties!

As the years went on my parents started to settle and by settle, I mean they stayed in one home for more than 5 years, so it was more like 7 years. I was out and about getting itchy feet, why hadn't we moved again? Clearly I craved for something more, it turns out I was craving travel, adventure, excitement. I worked 7 days and nights a week, working 13-15 hour days and saving every single cent I had in a box under my bed. I was going somewhere no-one in my family had ventured. I was heading for America!
I met up with one of my best friends in San Diego where she was living at the time, she showed the ropes of life in America and I was on my way, I travelled different states, enjoyed food, company, music, life and eventually love!

Mr. J and I met in Denver, it was a whirlwind of head fogging, heart gagging, tummy summersaulting love. Which soon came to a sobering end when my visa was up and I had to leave the country. Honestly, who does long distance at 22? I spent time in Canada hoping to get that same feeling I got when I was in the US. It was a smell, a feeling, it was something to this day I can't explain, it just felt like home.

Leaving the US with a heavy/ broken heart and skip 4 years later without any contact from Mr. J. I was older had moved around a little more and still unsettled when through the magic of social networking he contacted me. Six months later, a quick trip across the Atlantic and we were engaged on a snowy bridge over a frozen waterfall by the end of November 2010. We married May 2011 in Australia and after a very lengthy but smooth flowing visa process, here we are.

... And this is where my blog comes in. It's been over a year since I set foot on US soil and a legal American Resident and what better than to share my adventures with total strangers!
I can't believe how different things can be, we all speak english, we all wear the same clothes and eat the same food (ok, sorta) but when it comes to living in the land of the free, there is still a lot I have to learn. I am going to enjoy sharing it all with you.

Through this blog I am going to be sharing lots of handy information to all you Aussie expats out there. Sharing thoughts, lots of photographs, lifestyle posts, Do It Yourselfs and just plenty of good ole stuff to get your brain thinking and your heart inspired.

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